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The interest in finding products that can help with immunity, relaxation, energy, sleep and stress has never been stronger. Consumers are getting more knowledgeable about the role that herbs can play in addressing these needs. Watching sales trends can give you insight into what products your customers are looking for, and what you might want to keep stocked in your shop in the future.

2020 was the perfect storm for e-commerce herb and botanicals businesses. The year brought three powerful trends:

  • The shift from shopping at brick and mortar to e-commerce
  • A renewed interest in using food and beverages for wellness
  • An increase in at-home consumption that drove a remarkable growth spike for the industry

As 2021 plays out, it seems that these trends have resulted in sustained behavior change. Consumers have continued to buy herbs and botanicals online and the numbers are predicted to grow. Nutrition Business Journal projects that e-commerce could represent 26% of herb and botanicals sales by 2024, up from a tiny 4% in 2016! That’s quite an opportunity for businesses selling herbs and botanicals.

Ten top-selling herbs and botanicals on from July 2020 to June 2021*

Amazon dominates e-commerce, making it a good way to measure overall ecommerce trends, it has a full range of products including both legacy and up-and-coming brands, and the data is available in real time.**

#1: TURMERIC (32% YoY Growth)

Turmeric has risen in popularity as a beverage ingredient (turmeric lattes) because of the anti -inflammatory properties of it’s active ingredient, curcumin. It has always been a popular ingredient in South Asian cooking but is now showing up as a beverage ‘booster’ with it’s vivid orange color.

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black seed oil

#2 ELDERBERRY (38% YoY Growth)

Elderberry has been a trending plant for many years now with consistent growth. People have been using it in tinctures, drinks, and supplements in hopes of boosting their immune system or fighting off the common cold.

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Now you can eat your greens without chewing them. Green superfood powders like Kale Powder, Spinach Powder and even more esoteric ones like Neem Powder have become a popular way to sneak more nutrition into everyday diets. They are highly concentrated and packed with nutrients and vitamins that have multiple benefits to your body.

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#4 MUSHROOMS (42% YoY Growth)

Like some of the other top selling botanicals, mushrooms have recently been catching the attention of health-conscious masses in new forms like mushroom coffee and mushroom powder supplements. Longtime wellness and plant enthusiasts have known the power of mushrooms for their rich source of fiber, antioxidants and even protein.


#5 SAW PALMETTO (60% YoY Growth)

Saw Palmetto is a botanical to watch—growing in popularity. It is a small, shrubby species of palm tree found in Southeastern coastal regions of the U.S. The fruit, often called a berry, is rich in fatty acids and plant sterols. It can be prepared as a tea, used for tinctures or powdered and encapsulated into a supplement.

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#6 ASHWAGANDHA (73% YoY Growth)

Ashwagandha is a staple of Ayurvedic medicine (a tradition of using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes for overall health). It is often used as a way to boost energy, reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. The uptick of stress in everyday life looks to be in line with the growing demand for ashwagandha.

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#7 BLACK SEED OIL (72% YoY Growth)

Black Seed oil has become popular over the last few years within the health and wellness community and is growing strong compared to 2020 online sales. It comes from the Nigella sativa plant—rich in antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation inside your body and topically when used on your skin.

black seed oil

#8 HEMP OIL (-27% YoY Growth)

Many potential health benefits stem from three fatty acids that are found in hemp oil. It is popular for its ease of use in both food and topical cosmetic products and applications.

hemp oil

#9 BLACK CURRANT (91% YoY Growth)

Black currant experienced higher year over year growth than the other botanicals on the list. The berries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. They have a tart taste that is a pleasing contrast when mixed with other fruits in drinks, jams, and infusions. The whole plant is used in various ways in dietary supplements, infusions, teas, and oils.

black currant

#10 ARONIA BERRY (27% YoY Growth)

Aronia berries are a small, tart berry that is considered a “superfood” because of the high amount of antioxidants and low sugar content. They are also high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. You can buy and eat whole berries in pies, jams, smoothies, wines and teas, or you can find it in extracts and supplements.

aronia berry
*/**Source: ClearCut Analytics, July 2019–June 2021

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