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Dong quai is a flowering, aromatic plant in the Apiaceae (syn. Umbelliferae) family, which includes carrot and parsley. It is native to the mountainous regions of China, Korea and Japan, where the root of the herb, a source of anti-inflammatory polysaccharides, has been widely used as food, spice, tonic and medicine to support cardiovascular health for more than 2,000 years. Although it is used by both men and women, it is sometimes referred to as “female ginseng.” Dong Quai root granules may be tinctured or prepared as tea or tonic.

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active compoundsPolysaccharides (Z-ligustilide and ferulic acid), coumarins (imperatorin and isoimperatorin), bergapten, phellopterin, scopoletin.
plant part usedroot

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storage tipsStore dong quai root granules at room temperature in a sealed container away from direct light, heat and humidity.
appearance & aromaGranular, light in color without significant aroma.
flavor profileDong quai tastes like concentrated celery with notes of anise. It is rarely used alone and often combined with black cohosh root and/or red clover.


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culinarySteep dong quai root granules in boiling water to make a tea.
wellnessTincture in alcohol for use in tonic formulations.
safetyDo not use dong quai while pregnant or nursing. This herb should not be used in conjunction with blood-thinning medications due to an increased risk of bleeding. Due to potential estrogenic effects, this herb should not be used while taking birth control pills or if there is a history of a hormone-driven cancer. Consult your physician before using dong quai if you have a chronic condition or take prescription medications.

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