Sustainable Herb Spotlight: Turmeric and Turmeric Powder


Turmeric plant has been used as a spice and a medicine for centuries in India and China, dating back as far as 4000 years in the Vedic culture. It is known for adding vibrant yellow color to dishes and drinks. Modern science has been studying its promising medicinal properties for the treatment of a wide range of health concerns and injuries.

Turmeric’s Benefits

Turmeric’s primary polyphenol substance is called curcumin. Curcumin may contribute to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the body, which may play a role in preventing various diseases and helping with athletic recovery. Turmeric has been used for centuries in India and China to treat “dermatologic diseases, infection, stress, and depression.

If supplementing with turmeric powder, please follow recommended serving sizes and consult a medical professional prior. Not only does turmeric offer potential health benefits, but its warm, pungent flavor profile makes it the perfect addition to a number of recipes.

Three Delicious Turmeric Preparations

Turmeric adds an excellent flavor to a number of recipes, but here are our top three turmeric preparations:

  • Turmeric powder can be used in both hot or iced caffeine-free lattes, also known as Golden Milk, to make a delicious turmeric latte. Turmeric powder can also be used to make turmeric milk.
  • It can also be added to Indian-style curries.
  • Turmeric powder is a great addition to spice blends for sprinkling atop rice, veggies, and meats.
  • Turmeric Gold Milk
  • Turmeric Recipe

With the number of potential benefits offered by turmeric combined with its wonder spice appeal in the growing popularity of Indian cuisine, demand is projected to increase. According to a 2020 market projection from Statista, the worldwide market volume of turmeric produced was estimated to grow from 1.05 metric tons in 2017 to 1.7 million metric tons in 2027. This projected 61% increase in volume may seem staggering, but many herbal products, including supplements, are planning to see an increase in sales in the next 10 years.

The demand for herbs and spices is growing at a rapid rate, which is why sustainability has become a greater focus at Monterey Bay Herb Co. We want to continue sourcing the best herbs possible in a responsible manner. Today, we want to take you through our sourcing practices and goals for creating a more sustainable supply chain.


Monterey Bay Herb Co. is proud to work with a sourcing partner that embeds sustainability into all aspects of the supply chain. Since 2005, our turmeric growers and processors have been practicing agricultural techniques that omit the use of pesticides and work to re-enrich the soil without conventional input-intensive methods. Our sourcing partner currently supports over 8,000 farmers and supports the sustainable management of 10,000 acres of pesticide-free land.

Our turmeric plant is grown using the following sustainability practices: water conservation, renewable energy, plant resilience, soil re-enrichment, and long-term sustainability goals.

  • Water Conservation

    Monterey Bay Herb Co.’s turmeric is grown using drip irrigation, which reduces water requirements by 25% annually compared to sprinkler irrigation.

    Turmeric Plant

    Turmeric Plant Resilience

    The following methods are used to preserve the turmeric plant’s crop resilience:

    1. Using crop varieties that are naturally resistant to pests and diseases.
    2. Crop rotation to renew the soil’s nutrient content for the following seasons.
    3. Using natural pest management strategies, such as non-chemical traps.
    4. Farmer education and training programs to support their knowledge of advancements in agriculture science.
    Turmeric Growing
  • Renewable Energy

    Windmills are the primary energy source that powers the facility that processes our turmeric into powder.

    Turmeric Powder

    Soil Re-Enrichment (Soil Nutrient Balancing)

    Our sourcing partner has an in-house Agri-Science Team that researches and produces nutrient-balancing solutions to add to soil. Re-enriching the soil plays a key role in ensuring soil biodiversity and preventing erosion.

    The farmers in our sourcing network also practice on-site composting and mulching of existing organic matter to fertilize the soil.

    The methods above support both carbon and nitrogen sequestration in the soil. By capturing these greenhouse gases in the soil, it does not release into the atmosphere.

    Turmeric Root

Long-Term Sustainability Goals

By supporting the planting of new trees and saplings and striving to increase their sustainably grown ingredient portfolio by ~20% by 2025, our sourcing partner is dedicated to improving its sustainability over time.

Turmeric Powder


Monterey Bay Herb Co. strives to be the best sourcing partner for small businesses that use botanicals to create wellness in our world. Our sourcing sustainability standards ensure that we can offer high-quality ingredients that are consistently in stock, and our relationships with our sourcing partners guarantee you competitive prices. Check out our full list of herbs and spices, or shop by your industry today.