Jojoba Oil Carrier Oil

Jojoba Oil Carrier Oil

[ 1882 ]
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Jojoba oil is produced from the seed of a shrub native to Mexico and Southern California. It is used in massage, aromatherapy and to make skin and hair care products. The oil is particularly rich in tocopherols (vitamin E), which lends it antioxidant properties.

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information at a glance

botanical nameSimmondsia chinensis
extraction methodCold Pressed
edibleThis product is for external use only. Not recommended for internal use.
flash point295°C
safetyJojoba oil is not known to cause allergic reactions and it does not clog pores.
consistencyJojoba oil is lightweight.
absorbtionHighly absorbent. Jojoba golden creates a barrier but will leave a satiny finish
colorClear to light golden.

buying & keeping

general guidelines and tips

why buy jojoba carrier oil?Compared to other carrier oils, jojoba oil has a longer shelf life due to the absence of triglycerides.
storage tipsKeep in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaClear to light golden in color with a mild nutty aroma.
good vs badJojoba Golden has an indefinite shelf life for all intents and purposes. It may go cloudy in cool conditions but will return to its natural state once warmed.


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aromatherapyBlend with one or more essential oils for use in aromatherapy.
cosmetics / personal careAdd to your favorite moisturizer for extra conditioning. Jojoba oil is also used to make lotions, creams, lip balms and other products.
massage / bath / spaMassage onto scalp and pull through to ends of hair for a deep conditioning treatment.
perfumeryCombine with essential oils to create signature perfumes.
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[ tip: Combine jojoba oil with lavender essential oil and apply as a body moisturizer, especially when getting out of the bath or shower. ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company ]

Combine jojoba oil with lavender essential oil and apply as a body moisturizer, especially when getting out of the bath or shower.

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Mix jojoba oil with tea tree essential oil to enhance jojoba oil’s natural antifungal qualities.

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aromatic profile &
blending companions

carrier oil

Jojoba Golden has a pleasant, soft odor.

[ jojoba oil ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

formulas & recipes

carrier oil

Jojoba golden can be added to other carrier oils in order to extend shelf lives, and has become a common oil in the aromatherapy industries because of it's excellent skin care properties. The golden variety of Jojoba is less desired in cosmetic manufacturing; nonetheless, in applications that aren't sensitive to discoloration or odour, golden Jojoba is still commonly used. Massage therapists may use small amounts in their carrier oil blends, but as it will clog pores, its application is limited.

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what else you should know

carrier oil

Jojoba golden is a favorite carrier oil. In actuality, it is a liquid wax. It closely resembles the sebum of the skin, and is rich in vitamin E. This promotes a glowing complexion. The golden variety of Jojoba may alter color and odors in cosmetics. It is also important to note that Jojoba may go cloudy in cool temperatures. It will return to its clear state with warming. Purchases of entire drums can also expect some clouding near the end of the drum. This is natural as Phospholipids (natural components of most vegetable oils) hydrate and precipitate out of suspension. The sediment is actually extremely high in beneficial vitamin E and will only create problems if the oil is heated to extreme temperatures where they will darken and precipitate out of suspension. Any sediment can be decanted out wherever practical.

Technically, because jojoba oil consists of long chain monounsaturated liquid wax esters, it’s not an oil, although it behaves like one. Unlike other vegetable oils, such as coconut or sweet almond, jojoba lacks the triglycerides, which would otherwise make it vulnerable to oxidation. This is why jojoba is more shelf-stable than other carrier oils and can be stored a long time.

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