Herbal Insights Deep Dive: How to Use Jasmine Flower and Herbal Pairings

The jasmine vine has been grown for centuries in China, Japan, and other countries in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Jasmine comes from the same family as the olive tree. The genus also includes more than 200 other flowering vines and shrubs of the Oleaceae family. The plant is especially revered for the aroma it produces, which is described as a beautiful balance of the masculine and feminine, making it an herb that has long been used alongside many others to produce complex flavors and scents.

Jasmine Flowers

There are many ways to use jasmine flowers. Like many herbs, jasmine is extremely versatile when it comes to flavor pairing for different beauty, drink, and food recipes. Jasmine is well known as a tea, but also as aromatic rice that is the standard rice in many Eastern countries. Jasmine rice is valued much higher than just short-grain white rice, as it is usually long-grain rice that adds a beautiful addition of aromatics to any savory or sweet dish that features rice. Basmati rice and jasmine rice are two of the more popular aromatic kinds of rice.

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The pairing list could go on and on with jasmine, but we will stick to the most popular and found pairings. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations of jasmine and other herbs at home–you never know what will be the perfect duo until you try!



The sweetness of the vanilla enhances the beautiful aroma of jasmine, which is why there are countless perfumes and body sprays that proudly adorn “vanilla and jasmine” on the packaging. They even photograph nicely together; the beautiful jasmine flower positioned right next to a couple of vanilla beans just looks right.



Adding jasmine to a nice lemonade or green tea with lemon juice is always a good idea. The two flavors together taste wonderful, the lively citrus of the lemon makes it easy to identify the aromatic jasmine sitting underneath it.



This ancient spice pairs well with jasmine, providing an aromatic, earthy scent that deepens jasmine’s already stronger, sweet, and floral scent. Frankincense and jasmine together really are a match made in heaven, providing a peaceful and enriched scent to any person or room it is sprayed.


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