Camphor (White) Essential Oil

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Camphor essential oil is produced from the wood and root of a tropical tree native to Taiwan, Japan and China. Also known as gum camphor and hon-sho, the camphor tree must be 50 years old before it produces the oil. Unlike brown and yellow camphor essential oils (fractions), white camphor essential is distilled to remove the toxic compound safrole.

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extraction methodfractional expression
edibleNot recommended for internal use.
safetyLimit to topical use, diluted. Inhalation of the vapors of this oil should be avoided during pregnancy and by anyone with a history of asthma or epilepsy.
fragrance note classification middle

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why buy camphor (white) essential oil?Properly diluted, white camphor essential oil is useful in chest rubs and compresses.
storage tipsKeep in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaClear oil with a woody, camphoraceous aroma.


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aromatherapyThis oil is not generally used in aromatherapy due to its strong camphoraceous scent. However, a drop or two of the oil may be used in a vaporizer.
wellnessCombine 1-2 drops with a carrier oil or add to salves and balms formulated for use as a chest rub.
householdMay be used as a pesticide. Add a drop or two to skin lotion or cream to repel mosquitoes, or place a few drops in windowsills and other places where insects come into the house.

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aromatic profile & blending companions

camphor (white)
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camphor (white)
essential oil

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camphor (white)
essential oil

White camphor essential oil differs from yellow and brown fractions in that it is distilled to reduce the concentration of safrole, a compound with toxic properties. As such, this oil is the only one of the three fractions of camphor essential oil that is suitable, in moderation, for topical use.

Although this oil is not typically used in aromatherapy, the camphor-like aroma of the oil does lend value to chest rubs, balms and salves to help ease congestion.

For more information on how to use essential oils please read our article: Aromatherapy Basics for Using Pure Essential Oils

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