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Clove bud essential oil is produced from the unripe flower buds of the clove tree, an aromatic evergreen in the myrtle family that is native to Indonesia. While the spice is used in cooking, the essential oil is used in the pharmaceutical and fragrance industries. The oil also has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and in western dentistry.

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extraction methodwater distillation
edibleinternal use is not recommended
safetyClove bud essential oil contains up to 90% eugenol, the compound responsible for the oil’s aroma, and is toxic if ingested in large amounts. As with all essential oils, dilute with carrier oil before adding to massage oils and other products.
flash point212°F/100°C
fragrance note classification middle

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general guidelines and tips

storage tipsStore in a cool place away from direct light.
appearance & aromaLight amber in color with a woody, spicy fragrance. Note that color will darken over time and with exposure to air.


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aromatherapyPlace a few drops of clove bud essential oil in a vaporizer to help ease congestion and cough.
cosmetics / personal careAdd to lotions and salves. Note that clove has an analgesic effect, making the oil a nice addition to topical products formulated to counter joint and muscle pain.
massage / bath / spaAdd to massage oils and soaps.
perfumeryClove bud essential oil is used to make perfumes, often in combination with floral oils like rose and honeysuckle.
craftsUse to scent potpourri mixes.
industrialThe oil is used in the cosmetics, perfume and pharmaceutical industries.
householdCombine with citrus essential oils to make a natural household insect repellent.

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aromatic profile & blending companions

clove bud
essential oil

Warm, woody and spicy. Blends well with bergamot, clary sage, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, lemon balm, rose and vanilla.

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clove bud
essential oil

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clove bud
essential oil

The clove tree is a very aromatic evergreen tree from Indonesia, producing the well known clove bud spice. For centuries, the dried cloves have been chewed to release their essential oil, which has a strong numbing effect on a toothache. The essential oil from ripe cloves is too strong to use in aromatherapy, but the unripe buds of the flowers produce an oil that is gentle, fresh and spicy.

Clove bud essential oil can be mildly irritant or sensitizing. Dilute with a carrier oil before applying to the skin.

For more information on how to use essential oils please read our article: Aromatherapy Basics for Using Pure Essential Oils

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