Love Your Life Tea Tisane Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Love Your Life Tea Tisane Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

[ 1959 ]
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It's too easy in life to forget about our health, yet hardly anything is more missed when it is absent! In response to that, Love Your Life Tea presents a blend of traditional herbs used for the internal cleansing and rejuvenation of our bodies. Sweetened with licorice and yerba santa, this tea combines dandelion root, yellow dock, nettles, and rosemary into a pale green infusion that is loaded with goodness!

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Licorice, yerba santa, dandelion root, yellow dock, nettle leaf, and rosemary.

Caffeine Free

Hand-crafted by:
Local artisan tea blender
Flower Power Teas
in Santa Cruz, CA

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