Product Information: Packaging Overview

Herbs and Spices (Not Powdered) — are packaged in a CLEAR BAG
Most of our herbs, spices, and teas are sealed in a clear FDA-approved non-gas-permeable 3 mm poly structure bag (of various dimensions) to preserve freshness, aroma, and potency. The bag has excellent barrier properties and is ideal for storing herbs and teas. It is not re-sealable. This bag is used to pack most all of our herbs and spices that are not powders. Please note that some herbs are so voluminous that they require a large bag with a twist tie.

Powdered Materials and Teas — are packaged in a FOIL BAG
Most of our powdered materials are in a 3 mm sealed FDA-approved foil bag (measuring 8x12 inches). The bag has excellent barrier properties as well as a Ziplock top for easy re-sealing and is therefore ideal for storing herbs and teas. Please note that some teas are so voluminous that they will not fit in our foil bag and are packed in our clear bags mentioned above (not re-sealable).

OILS — are packaged in PLASTIC or GLASS BOTTLES

  • Carrier Oils are shipped in plastic bottles with twist off tops.  (example)
  • Essential Oils are shipped in cobalt blue Boston round glass bottles with a black phenolic tamper evident cap.  (example)
  • For 16oz sizes of our Essential Oils — an amber Boston Round glass bottle is used for shipping.  (example)

Quantities ordered as 25 pounds or MORE of any one item may be packed into a single 25-pound unit.

Monterey Bay Herb Company - Packaging Video
To learn more about our packaging you can watch this video:

Video Transcript

At the Monterey Bay Herb Company we mill, sift, and blend our bulk herbs and spices, as well as our black, green, and herbal teas. Utilizing stringent quality control in our material handling procedures, we ensure that any impurities are removed.

By processing and packing our herbs, teas, and spices in-house, according to good manufacturing practices, we are able to provide the highest quality product for our customers.

Packaging is an important part of the quality equation. For example, all herbal powders and about half of our bulk teas and herbs are packaged using a re-closeable zip lock foil bag with excellent barrier properties to seal in freshness and allow easy access.

Larger bulk herbs are packaged in FDA Approved, clear poly-sealed bags with no zip lock. The bags are clearly labeled with the products' common name, Latin name, net weight, and bar code for tracking and shipping, as well as a Lot number used by Monterey Bay Herb Company as part of our audit trails and good manufacturing practices. The numbers after the dash on the Lot number is the number of the actual product.

For fragrance oils such as Sandalwood and Rose garden, brown bottles with a tamper-evident cap and plastic pourers are used.  [Please note: fragrance oils are no longer available.] Blue bottles are used for essential oils.

To experience the quality of our fine herbs, teas, and spices, as well as our essential and fragrance oils, visit You can also discover our various herbal supplies, spice racks, glassware, and tea bags to help you further enjoy your teas, herbs and spices.

Please note: Monterey Bay Herb Company has since discontinued our fragrance oil line.


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