Vanilla Beans Whole, Organic 1/4 Pound

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Vanilla beans are the fruits of a species of orchid native to Mexico that is commonly called West Indian Vanilla or Tahitian Vanilla.

The whole pods and the tiny seeds inside are prized for their complex floral fragrance and spicy-sweet flavor, which earns vanilla a place in the kitchen as well as in perfumery, in the still room and at the crafts table. The whole bean is also used to infuse flavor into cough syrups, tonics and liquors.

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approximate cups to one poundapprox 24 beans per 1/4 pound
active compoundsAroma and flavor constituents include volatiles such as aromatic carbonyls, aromatic alcohols, aromatic acids, aromatic esters, phenols and phenol ethers, aliphatic alcohols, carbonyls, acids, esters and lactones, aromatic hydrocarbons, terpenoids, aliphatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclics. During the curing process the glucoside coniferin changes to coniferyl alcohol and then into vanillin.
plant part usedfruit

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaDark brown pods with an exotic, spicy aroma.


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cosmeticUse the seeds in body scrubs, bath salts, skin lotions, soaps and in other cosmetics.
culinaryAdd flavor to various confections, baked goods and beverages.
aromaticAdd to potpourri blends.
industrialVanilla extract is a flavoring additive and is used in perfumery.

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organic, whole
vanilla beans

Spicy and sweet. Pairs well with other warm spices.

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organic, whole
vanilla beans

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organic, whole
vanilla beans

Collected in the wild by the native tribes of southern Mexico for thousands of years prior to their domination by the Aztecs, vanilla was once rare and considered a precious commodity. In fact, of the 35,000 or more species of the Orchidaceae family, the vanilla orchid is the only one to produce edible fruit. Another reason for the fruits rarity is because the flowers are hermaphrodite, meaning that they carry anther (male) and stigma (female) with a membrane separating the two. Insect pollination is the work of one special bee thriving only in Mexico. This made cultivation elsewhere problematic, especially since all attempts to adapt the bee to other locations failed.

Then, in 1840, the first successful pollination of vanilla orchids by human hand took place, the method of which is credited to a 12 year-old boy enslaved on Réunion island east of Madagascar. His simple yet ingenious solution was to use a beveled sliver of bamboo to fold back the membrane that separates anther from stigma, then pressing the anther onto the stigma. Thanks to this child, the timely pollination of the vanilla orchid led to controlled production of the pod.

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