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Matcha refers to the powdered young leaves of Japanese green tea. In fact, the word literally translates to "powdered tea." The bright green color results because the tea is grown in shade, a practice that stimulates chlorophyll production, as well as amino acid content. On average, it takes up to an hour to stone mill about two ounces of powdered tea. The harvesting and processing of matcha may be laborious and time-consuming, but the end-product is worth it.

There are essentially two grades of matcha — ceremonial and culinary. The former is considered suitable for consumption during tea ceremonies and is produced exclusively from leaves harvested from the top of the plant. The latter, made from lower leaves, is slightly more bitter. This is the grade used by manufacturers to produce ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, sushi rolls and prepared beverages.

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Ceremonial + Culinary Grade

Use ceremonial matcha when nuance counts. This grade uses younger leaves and has smoother flavor and brighter color. For high-end tea-based beverages, traditional tea ceremonies.

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Use culinary matcha when you want a punch of color and/or antioxidants. This grade uses more mature leaves and is slightly more subdued in hue. For when matcha is used as an ingredient - smoothies, baked goods, ice cream, even cosmetics!

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