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From these popular products to more unusual ones, you can find more than 500 herbs, spices, and teas here. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you‘ll find it in stock and ready to ship at Herb Co. If not, please let us know!


Lavender Body Butter
Recipes & Formulas | Specific Herbs
DIY Lavender Body Butter
If you suffer from dry and sensitive skin, look no further than this lavender body butter.
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Herbal Insights Deep Dive
Specific Herbs
Herbal Insights Deep Dive: How to use Lavender and Herbal Pairings
If that isn’t enough, another common and traditional way lavender has been used is in the kitchen.
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yarrow recipes
Recipes & Formulas | Skincare and Beauty
Soothing Yarrow Facial Toner
Many skincare brands are launching products with herbs at the forefront.
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Explore our more than 100 wild-crafted products. Sustainably harvested from their natural habitats, they’re completely organic (though they can’t be certified as such because they‘re uncultivated and foraged).

Bulk Herbs & Spices

Since 1997, we’ve been serving small businesses. We sell in bulk and keep prices competitive. Our quality meets a high standard and is independently verified by third parties. Plus, we have no minimum order quantities and every order is shipped from our facility in one to two business days.

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Let us be your source for buying certified organic herbs and spices. We're honored to do our small part to support the organic industry by stocking more than 100 varieties of organic herbs.

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Hey tea shops, herbalists, and beverage companies — we've curated an assortment of teas from all over the world with you in mind. There’s no minimum order quantity, so whether you're a small business or just love tea, you'll find great value here.

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About Herb Co.

Monterey Bay Herb Co. started in a garage in 1997 selling bulk herbs and spices like cinnamon, saffron, and ginger to local shops, health food stores, and restaurants. Today we serve a wide range of customers from tea shops to herbalists, pet supplements to brands of kombucha and skincare. From our humble beginnings to today, two things have remained consistent — our focus on helping small businesses thrive and our respect for the power of herbs to impact everyday life.

Everything we do — our wide product range, offering wholesale prices without requiring a wholesale account and shipping all orders from our facility within two days is done to make small businesses succeed.