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bulk whole chamomile

bulk chamomile flower, whole

The delicate flowers of this member of the daisy family lend an aroma and flavor reminiscent of apples.

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bulk whole hops

bulk hops, whole

Not just for beer! Hops flowers impart a calming floral and uplifting citrus-like flavor and aroma. 

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bulk whole lavender flower

bulk lavender flower, whole

Thanks to the presence of organic compounds called aldehydes and ketones, lavender is the go-to herb to promote relaxation. As an added bonus, it pairs beautifully with nearly anything.

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bulk cut & sifted lemongrass

bulk lemongrass, cut & sifted

This tropical Asian native supplies a robust, lemon-like flavor but without tartness. The dried herb is a pleasant addition to soups and sauces, as well as herbal tea blends.  

buy bulk lemongrass cut and sifted
bulk cut & sifted lemonbalm

bulk passionflower, cut & sifted

This tropical beauty owes its soothing qualities to unique flavonoids that encourage gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) release, such as isovitexin.

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bulk cut & sifted lemon balm

bulk lemon balm, cut & sifted

According to the 17th century botanist, Nicholas Culpeper, lemon balm, also known as sweet Melissa, "causeth the mind and heart to become merry."

buy bulk lemon balm cut and sifted

RECIPES ~ Stress Reducing Formulas
Below you'll find some descriptions on the stress-reducing formulas we have compiled for you. Please visit our HERBAL Self-Care newsletter archive page for the ingredients and directions. There you will also find links to other archived newsletters with more recipes for DIY spa days, body scrubs, tinctures and more.

last good nerve  ~ tea
This tea blend is ideal for anyone who could use a boost in the all-stressed-out department. Chamomile is a go-to herb in times of stress, while raspberry leaf is chock full of much-needed nutrients such as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and B vitamins. Rose petals lend gentle floral notes and cinnamon adds just a hint of sweet spiciness.

rest easy  ~ tincture
This takes a bit of time to make, but the combination of these two tinctured herbs into one taken 30 minutes before retiring to encourage the sandman to visit your dreams is well worth the effort. 

time-for-me evening  ~ elixir
This will be your adult after-hours indulgence to enjoy sipping slowly at the end of a long day . Pick your favorite brandy for this recipe to bring out the spicy, pungent flavors of the ingredients. But, if you prefer, you can also use gin, vodka, whiskey or even wine. 

summer days are here again  ~ aroma spray
Life is all about the little things – watching a honeybee foraging flowers, waving to passing cars from the front porch, spending an afternoon under a shady tree with a favorite book. This lively scent will help you to remember to live in the present moment. 

out of the woods  ~ aroma spray
This aromatic blend is mildly spicy but rugged in herbaceousness (yes, that’s a word). Wear it as a body spray or to add fragrance to your environment to help you feel grounded.

life's a beach  ~ aroma spray 
This combination of essential oils yields a bright, refreshing aroma reminiscent of ocean spray and sunshine. Tip: Keep refrigerated and use to spritz your face and body on warm summer days.


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