[ Making the Most of MULLING SPICES ] ~ from HERBCo
[ Warm and Inviting: Mulled Spice Beverages ] ~ from Herbco
During the colder months, there's nothing more warm and inviting than mulled spiced beverages. These recipes will delight your family and guests while creating wonderful aromas in your home. Mulled spiced beverages, which were popular with early American colonists, have become part of our American holiday traditions. It's easy to include these festive drinks in your fall and winter gatherings -- or savor them on ordinary weekdays.
The convenient Mulling Spice Blend by HERBCo combines the traditional mulling spices of cinnamon, allspice, clove and dried orange peels. In addition to easy use in recipes, this fragrant mixture can become an instant potpourri — just put one pound in a decorative bowl.

When paired with our round steel tins, our Mulling Spice Blend also makes thoughtful holiday gifts.