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Codonopsis is an Asian perennial in the bellflower family, which includes lobelia.

The sweet-tasting taproot of the plant is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is known as dang shen. The root is also used to make tea, usually in combination with other herbs.

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark location.
appearance & aromaWoody and fibrous without noticeable aroma.


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culinaryUse in tea blends with other roots and herbs. The root can also be tinctured or powdered and encapsulated.

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codonopsis root

Codonopsis root has a mildly sweet flavor and is often combined with licorice root, ginseng root or burdock root.

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codonopsis root

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codonopsis root

Codonopsis is a vine-like perennial with small, bell-shaped flowers that is found in forests and shrubby thickets throughout Asia, where it is commonly called dang shen. The herb is sometimes used as a less costly alternative to Panax ginseng because it has similar adaptogenic qualities. For this reason, codonopsis is also known as bastard ginseng and poor man’s ginseng.

The plant is harvested for its roots from specimens that are at least three years old. Although it is typically decocted to prepare teas, infusions and tonics, some Chinese also cook it with rice as a tonic food.

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