Lemon Pepper Blend

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A perennial favorite with seafood, our Lemon Pepper Blend celebrates the fruits of the ocean with fantastic complementary flavors! Starting with black pepper, the spice blend provides a gentle heat that works equally well with milder and stronger seafood dishes. This is followed by a splash of citrus zest, from lemon peel and lemon oil, that ignites the taste buds! Toss in your line and reel in our Lemon Pepper Blend!

Lemon Pepper Spice Blend
With granular bits of lemon peel and garlic and cracked black pepper, this seasoning blend has plenty of texture and zing. Dried onion and salt provide savory elements while citric acid provides pop with additional citrus flavor. Our lemon pepper blend is ideal for chicken, fish and all other manner of seafood. Don’t forget to add it to the crumb mixture used for breading foods!

Lemon peel, black pepper, onion, salt, and citric acid.

Blended by:
Monterey Bay Herb Company

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