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Onion Organic Chopped

Onion Organic Chopped

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Along with garlic, leeks and chives, the onion is a member of the allium family and one of the few vegetables best stored without refrigeration. Although raw onion as a relatively long shelf-life, the dehydrated form lasts even longer. However, dried, chopped onion, readily rehydrates when introduced to liquids, namely soups, stews, chutneys and pickling brine.

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approximate cups to one pound6
originunited states
plant part usedbulb

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaGranular and aromatic.


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culinaryUse to flavor culinary oils and vinegars, soups, stews, casseroles and other foods.

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[ tip: Use dried chopped onion with thyme leaf to season soups, stews and braised foods. ~ from Monterey Bay Spice Company ]

Use organic dried chopped onion with thyme leaf to season soups, stews and braised foods.

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[ tip: Combine dried chopped onion with minced garlic in dips, spreads and in cooked foods. ~ from Monterey Bay Spice Company ]

Combine organic dried chopped onion with minced garlic in dips, spreads and in cooked foods.

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flavor profile

organic, dried
chopped onion

Pungent with moderate heat.

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organic, dried
chopped onion

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organic, dried
chopped onion

The common onion is a bulbous vegetable and herb with a very long history of cultivation. It was particularly valued by the ancient Egyptians, not only as food fit for pharaohs and the gods but also for the common man. In fact, according to the writings of Herodotus, the Greek historian known as the Father of History, the Egyptians paid out nine tons of gold to secure enough onions to feed the workers building the pyramids.

Dried, chopped onion has a milder flavor than fresh, but offers a convenient option for long-term storage. Dehydrated onion also eliminates the “crying” factor that slicing into the fresh bulb invokes.

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