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Calendula officinalis
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Marigold (Calendula) Orange Petals

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Orange Marigold (calendula) petals are obtained from the same species as yellow calendula – C. officinalis, the species name given to plants designated as being “of the officina,” or the apothecary of medieval monasteries where monks prepared herbal formulas for the sick and injured. Whole orange calendula flowers are a colorful and flavorful addition to tea blends, soups, salads, quiche and many other foods and beverages. Orange calendula flowers ae also an excellent cosmetic ingredient with an abundance of skin-loving chemical compounds.

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active compoundsTriterpene saponins, polysaccharides, carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthine), flavonoids, steroids, tannins, quinines, coumarins, amino acids.
plant part usedflower

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container away from light, heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaBright orange petals with a soft fragrance.
flavor profilePleasant and mildly sweet. Pair calendula with other sweet, aromatic herbs.


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cosmeticInfuse orange calendula petals in oil for massage oil, salves, creams and lotions. Add the petals directly to soaps for color contrast and texture. Include a hot water infusion of the petals when making natural shampoos and hair conditioners.
decorativePlace orange calendula petals in on a decorative dish or mason jar tied with homespun, perhaps with rosehips, rose petals, lavender buds and cinnamon chips.
culinaryAdd orange calendula petals to tea blends, hot or cold. Sprinkle over omelets and quiche, soups, puddings and custards and green salads. Freeze in ice cube trays for cocktails, iced teas, lemonade and other beverages served cold. Cream the petals with butter and chopped fresh chives to make a compound butter for breads and rolls. Infuse the petals in honey for tea and toast.
householdCombine the petals with other herbs and flowers (i.e., mugwort and lavender) in dream pillows, charm bags, and linen sachets.
aromaticUse the petals in potpourri blends.
industrialCalendula is used in the cosmetic, supplement and beverage industries (especially the tea market segment) and to produce dye for fabrics. Calendula is also used in the food industry to lend color to cheese, butter and other foods.
safetyThere are no known safety concerns associated with orange calendula petals beyond exercising caution if there is a known allergy to plants in the ragweed family.
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