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Green Tea Decaf.


From the Western Ghats mountains of Southern India, Nilgiri green tea is a fantastic and distinguished beverage. A single estate tea from the Burnside Estate, this green tea is Orange Pekoe (OP), a full-leaf version that is sorted by hand, which increases the overall quality of the leaves and the flavor of the cup. Decaffeinated using a chemical-free process, this amber infusion is mildly floral and abounding in natural sweetness.

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A Note About Decaffeinated Tea: Our decaffeinated teas are processed using a hot water method. This initial soak allows the some of the water-soluable caffeine molecules to be drawn out of the tea before the tea is again dried and packaged for sale.

Please note that there is no type of decaffeination that removes ALL of the caffeine in tea. Additionally decaffeination processes also remove some of the antioxidants and other benefits of the tea along with the its caffeine. If you require a fully caffeine free beverage, it is our recommendation you switch to a rooibos or an herbal “tea,” more accurately called a “tisane” since herbals contain none of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. If however you enjoy the full-bodied flavor of Camellia sinensis tea but want less of a stimulant, our decaffeinated teas will have the reduced amount of caffeine that might serve your purpose.

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