Triphala Powder

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Hailing from the Ayurvedic tradition, our Triphala powder acts as a whole body tonic and provides a variety of flavors to satisfy your appetite. While cleansing your body and balancing your energy, this blend of three classic rejuvenating recipes – amalaki, bibitaki, and haritaki – presents a host of medicinal benefits and simultaneously exalts the natural tastes in various dishes. Take care of your hunger and your health with Triphala powder!

Triphala Powder
Triphala powder is an Ayervedic herbal formula that promotes rasayana, or the rejuvenation of the body. It consists of the fruits (sans the seeds) of amalaki (Indian gooseberry), bibitaki, and haritaki, three species of tropical trees native to India and other parts of Asia. Also known as chuma, it is tradtionally considered a whole body tonic due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Because each component is said to regulate one of the doshas, the formula collectively addresses all three — pitta, kapha and vata. Take it encapsulated as a dietary supplement or prepared as tea. Another method of consuming triphala is to mix it with honey and ghee (clarified butter).

Amalaki, bibitaki, and haritaki.

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