Onion Salt A Spice Blend Granules

Onion Salt A Spice Blend Granules

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Onions are among the most versatile and common cooking ingredients in the world. No matter which continent you're cooking on, there are a variety of dishes that call for onions. When you're after that unmistakable onion flavor but don't have the time to dice, reach for our Onion Salt, a blend of dehydrated onions that will permeate your culinary masterpiece! Use Onion Salt in homemade party dips, hamburgers, and soups!

Onion Salt
Our onion salt is a combination of dehydrated onion and sea salt, ground to a granular consistency. As a seasoning, onion salt lends a savory and tangy edge to foods with a hint of sweetness. Sprinkle it over burgers before grilling, hot pasta, or stir into dips, sauces, marinades and dressings. You can also mix it with other seasonings to create your own dry rubs and spice blends.

Dehydrated onion and salt.

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Monterey Bay Herb Company

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