Gumbo File A Spice Blend Powder

Gumbo File A Spice Blend Powder

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Simply put, Gumbo File is powdered sassafras leaves, which is also an absolutely essential ingredient in much Cajun cooking. Adding it to stews and soups, Gumbo File lends a unique taste to any broth, a mixture of the freshness of eucalyptus and the warmth of thyme. For that reason, our Gumbo File also includes some powered thyme leaves, which further stimulates the appetite and complements the energizing sassafras powder.

Gumbo File
File powder is made from the dried, ground, young leaves of the sassafras tree, a deciduous species native to eastern North America. As a spice, it is a staple in Cajun and Creole cuisines. Because it is a key ingredient used to flavor and thicken gumbo, it is commonly referred to as gumbo file. The spice imparts a slightly citrus-like aroma similar to eucalyptus, and a hearty, unique flavor to soups, stews, shrimp jambalaya and crawfish pie!

Sassafras leaf powder, and thyme leaf powder.

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a facility outside of Monterey Bay Spice Company

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