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Grifola frondose
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Maitake is a polypore fungus celebrated for its savory flavor that evokes unami – the Japanese word for the taste sensation that translates to “essence of deliciousness.” Maitake, another Japanese word., means, “dancing mushroom,” a reference to its reputation for inspiring people who discover it in the wild to dance with delight. Although the maitake mushroom has been acclaimed for promoting vitality and longevity in China and Japan for thousands of years, it has only gained popularity as a functional food in the west over the last two decades. Today, powdered maitake mushroom is utilized in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries as a supplement and food additive to prepared soups, salads, tea blends, coffee alternatives, protein drinks, “veggie” burgers and even pizza. Maitake mushroom powder can also be used in skin care products.

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