Herb Co. is Now SQF Certified

Monterey Bay Herb Co, a leading provider of herbs and botanical ingredients, is proud to announce the successful certification to the SQF Food Safety Code for Food Manufacturing at its warehousing and processing facility in Watsonville, California.


The SQF certification is a recognition of Monterey Bay Herb Co.’s commitment to food safety, quality, and excellence in the procurement, processing, and warehousing of over 500 herbs, spices and teas. This certification underscores the company’s dedication to providing customers with safe and reliable wholesale and bulk herbs that meet the highest industry standards.

The SQF Standard for Food Safety is a globally recognized certification scheme that sets rigorous benchmarks for food safety management systems. Achieving this GFSI-member certification demonstrates Monterey Bay Herb Co.’s compliance with strict standards.

“We handle hundreds of botanicals from around the world. We serve a range of business customers from supplement manufacturers to food & beverage brands to herbalists. Our challenge was to create a quality system that met our customers’ diverse needs and still complied with the GFSI requirements. It was truly a team effort.” says David DeSouza, President at Monterey Bay Herb Co.

To obtain SQF certification, Monterey Bay Herb Co. underwent a comprehensive audit and assessment of its processing facility. The audit evaluated various aspects, including hygiene, product safety, quality management, and processing. The company met or exceeded stringent requirements set forth by SQF auditors, showcasing its dedication to food safety at every level of its operation.

The SQF certification plays an important role in Monterey Bay Herb Co.’s position and growth in the North American market as a wholesale and bulk distributor of herbal ingredients. “While this is a great achievement for us, we understand the ongoing diligence that’s necessary to uphold the standard set by SQF.”, says Ray De La Torre, Operations Director at Monterey Bay Herb Co. “This quality accomplishment will allow us to attract new customers and better serve our current customers, ensuring they receive the right herbal ingredients for their unique application, all under the umbrella of a rigorous quality management system.”

While this is a great achievement for us, we understand the ongoing diligence that’s necessary to uphold the standard set by SQF.”

Monterey Bay Herb Co. acknowledges the particular contributions and expertise of Brendha Jimenez, Leticia Calvo and Lilly Lin to the process of gaining SQF certification.

SQF Certified