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Amborella Organics


A botanical candy brand


QUICK COMPANY STATS (as of 2023, Q2)

CORE PRODUCT | The one and only Seed Bearing Lollipop
LOCATION | Orange County, California

Amborella Organics


What if you could eat a delicious lollipop, plant the biodegradable stick in the soil, then water it and grow an herb or flower? That’s the daydream that Taylor and Brennan Clarke made come to life. Thank you to Taylor for sharing her story about building a business around a truly unique concept. She shares the challenges and successes of reimagining the lollipop while keeping plants and sustainability at the heart of the brand.

Origin Story

Amborella Organics Origin

How did Amborella Organics get its start?

My husband, and co-founder, Brennan, grew up gardening with his grandmother. Each summer, they would grow tomatoes. After she passed, he continued gardening on his own. Being in the garden, watering the plants and experiencing the smell of the tomato leaves would transport him back to the time he shared with her. He was struck with how vivid the memories were, and how special it was that he had a relationship with gardening because of her. He wanted to create that experience for other people.

As he was watering, he noticed how the flowers were kinda like lollipops—the bulb and the stem—the lollipop and the stick…he wondered if there was a way to make lollipops that would grow plants.

Years later, he shared the idea with me. I saw it as much more than an idea. It was amazing, and I thought we had to build a business around it!

Inspirations for business or product

I was a journalist at the time and writing a lot about sustainability—plants being the focus of many stories that I was covering at the time. Brennan grew up at the beach surfing. Being in the water gave him this feeling of responsibility and love for nature. It was these shared values and an entrepreneurial upbringing along with the daydream in the garden that ended up being the catalyst for Amborella Organics and the seed-bearing lollipop stick.

First sale?

Our first sale was at a book launch party for The Flower Chef. I interviewed her for a story and told her about Amborella. She suggested we roll out the business at her event. At that point, we had been testing recipes with a small batch candy maker and germinating the sticks on our own. We went for it. We built the website the night before, brought our lollipops for people to taste, and got our first press coverage and wholesale account that night.

Biggest risk taken?

The moment where we decided to give this idea a shot. The risks continue, but they change—building the team, investing in our commercial kitchen. There are constant risks. You have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.


Amborella Organics Team

Who is on the Amborella Organics team?

We have five full time employees.

Team Goals

• Automate with current team
• Be a leader in confections

What have you all learned along the way?

That it is such an enormous responsibility to have staff, but when you have a good team, it is a game changer.

“There are constant risks [in business]. You
have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.”
― Taylor Clarke
     Co-Founder, Ambroella Organics.




Real, edible rose petals are used in the Champagne and Roses Blooming Lollipop. They bring a pretty pop of color and a subtle floral flavor. They have so many good flavor combinations, but this one ended up being one of our favorites.

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Ground basil brings balance to one of the more popular flavors, Strawberry Basil. Eat this pop, and you get a little taste of summer. Plant the stick when you are done and you get to grow your own basil!

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Lavender buds are the star of Amborella’s stained glass-like purple lollipop—Lavender Lemongrass. This is not your typical candy flavor but you won’t be disappointed.

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Inspired by flavors of some of their favorite teas and tinctures, Amborella combines rosemary with mint and vanilla which is surprisingly similar to the familiar peppermint pinwheel candies. It’s so satisfying to taste it in an organic form—and you can grow your own mint from the candy stick!

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Marigold petals are used in Amborella’s Peach Marigold Blooming Pops. They not only bring a beautiful color and natural beauty to the lollipop, they bring a subtle citrus-like sweetness.

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Core Values

Amborella Organics Core Values

Amborella Organics Mission/Vision

Our goal is to be the most sustainable candy brand on the market and have plants to be at the forefront of everything we do. We would also like to educate people about gardening and how to be more sustainable in their daily life.

Core Values

• Sustainability
• Quality ingredients
• Create an experience for people
• Create things that are benefitting people without leaving more waste

What makes your company special?

We’re reimagining candy that’s familiar to people.

Customer Profile—who keeps coming back for your product?

Mostly women, ages 20–40 but we have many kids and adults over 40 who enjoy our lollipops.


Amborella Organics and the Industry

Industry trends you see

In the candy space, there is a trend towards sugar free ingredients. We are seeing Alluose, which is derived from plants, being used as a sugar substitute. We are using it in our gummies and have been really happy with it so far.

Unique challenges

Manufacturing in a way that is different than most lollipops are made. Because we have edible herbs and flowers in the candy, we can’t run them through machines, so it requires more time and efficiency compared to other companies making lollipops. Reimagining a popular product is always going to be challenging.

Helpful resources in starting your own company

On days where I feel defeated I reach for resources. That can be a visit with a friend that’s a business owner or a podcast that shares an entrepreneur journey— they’re never short of highs and lows, which is comforting when you’ve chosen that path. I didn’t take this information in prior to starting the company. I didn’t set out to be a business owner I set out to build something I believed in with someone I love.

What are some next steps for Amborella Organics?

We are soon to be the first food product to launch in the gardening section at Target.

Gummies are our newest product. Once we have expanded with the gummies in a meaningful way and have become more efficient with what we are currently doing, then we know we will be ready to release additional products. It will always be sustainable and have plants at the forefront.

A big goal of ours is to be accessible to all. We have our pops in a lot of high end retailers, which is great, but we don’t want to just be a brand that only works with high end retailers. We want to make products that make sense to brand but are also at a price point that is digestible to all.

Photos by Heather Marie Collins, @photobyhmc