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Herbs can be used for a variety of reasons, whether you are using them for medicinal purposes or for culinary enhancements. Most people may not have given enough thought to adding certain herbs to a refreshing summer cocktail, but each herb can provide your favorite beverage with an interesting twist. Of all the herbs that can be used in a cocktail, perhaps the most popular is the mint herb. In addition to using mint in your refreshing beverages, you can also add the green and spicy flavors of a variety of herbs that you may already have in your backyard or kitchen. This is one additional reason to consider creating your own herb garden. Not only can you create fantastic meals, you can relax with a flavorful drink.

Mint for Cocktails

Mint is a type of perennial plant that is relatively easy to grow in your own home. It is considered to be one of the more popular herbs that are used in alcohol beverages. There are a variety of types of mint, some of which include spearmint, peppermint, apple mint, and pineapple mint. Peppermint has lavender flowers and dark green leaves. Spearmint has pink flowers and lighter green leaves that are pointy. Apple mint has light green leaves and pineapple mint has white-banded green leaves. This herb can add a cool and slightly sweet flavor to your cocktails whether you want to enjoy a mojito, margarita or other type of beverage.

Thyme for Cocktails

Thyme is an herb that is widely used in the culinary world. It is used across the world such as in Mediterranean, Indian, French, Levantine and Spanish cuisines. It is most often used to add flavor to meats, stews and soups, but can also add a slightly bitter note to cocktails. It also adds green flavors and can give the impression of gin minus the overpowering flavor of juniper. It is used to counterpart flavors that include lemons, pears and apples.

Basil for Cocktails

Basil is another herb that can easily be grown in the comfort of your own home. It is considered to be the king of herbs by most gardeners. It is a fragrant herb that has more than 50 different species. Basil has a strong and distinct flavor that gives off a peppery edge with a savory and sweet note. It adds a rich and spicy flavor to your cocktails.

Oregano for Cocktails

Oregano is a part of the mint family and is a low-growing type of perennial plant. It is native to the Mediterranean and Western Europe. It is closely related to and sometimes called wild marjoram. The Greek, or Italian oregano is the most widely used type in the culinary and cocktail worlds. The flavor that oregano adds to cocktails is similar to that of sage and basil. It adds a note to the cocktail that is warm, green and spicy.

Sage for Cocktails

Sage is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean. It is another type of low-growing perennial and is an evergreen shrub that has lavender flowers. It has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, but is even more widely known in the culinary world for flavoring bread stuffings, pork and poultry. Sage has an enticing aroma and a strong flavor that can overpower food or cocktails if too much is used. The flavor is fern-like, woody and musky and has notes of warm decay, white pepper, and menthol. You can help release some of the essential oils by gently rolling a leaf in your fingers before adding it to the cocktail.

Chamomile for Cocktails

Chamomile is one of the oldest herbs that is known for its medicinal properties. It was used by the Egyptians as a cure for ague and the Egyptians offered it to their gods. The aroma of the fresh flowers of chamomile can be compared to that of certain apples. The flavor of chamomile is mild and relaxing. Many drink a chamomile tea as part of a nighttime ritual to help them relax better and fall asleep easier. Add the earthy and floral flavor of this ‘ground apple” to your favorite cocktail, or make a creation of your own.