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In the last few Herbal Insights Deep Dives, we have examined turmeric in depth by exploring its taste and benefits. Turmeric root is an incredibly diverse spice used for centuries in food and ayurvedic medicine. We’ve also learned about its powerful component, curcumin, and the potential health benefits. In the final part of the Turmeric Herbal Deep Dive, we want to look at a few ways our customers use turmeric once it is sourced from us and gets into their hands. We provide bulk turmeric to many different types of businesses and makers. Sometimes the bulk herbs are resold in their pure form, but oftentimes innovative herbalists and entrepreneurs use them as an ingredient in a wide range of products.


The recent popularity of turmeric lattes has directed our attention towards Harmonic Arts and specifically their Golden Mylk Elixer, a blend of soothing herbs, calming mushrooms, and spices. Mix it with coconut oil, water, tea, or nut mylk for a warm, calming drink. Harmonic Arts makes several other herbalist-formulated plant products providing accessible and effortless ways for customers to work more functional herbs into their wellness routine.

In the same way that herbs can play a big part in people’s wellness, pets and animals can also benefit. One of our customers is Total Health Enhancement. They make products that support horses and dogs’ overall strength and health. Turmeric is an essential part of a couple of their powder supplements. One of those products assists in digestive health, and another helps calm the animal’s mind without subduing its body. These formulas conveniently mix directly into the animal’s food making for easy dosing. Knowing the long history of turmeric being used to support humans’ general health, it makes sense to look to the plant world to boost animal nutrition and even treat common ailments.

Another common way small businesses apply turmeric is by making herbal extracts. These extracts make it more manageable to add to cosmetics, beverages, food, and supplements. There are some benefits to using extractions over the whole plant. The process isolates the plant’s phytochemicals (compounds that contain potential health benefits), making it more potent and easier for your body to absorb. Herbal extracts can serve as a way to meet consumers’ demand for more nutritious, natural, and safe products.

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We cater mainly to small businesses and owe a lot of our success to them. For that reason, we like to showcase our customers and their products, hoping to inspire and educate others about the power and versatility of herbs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are dedicated to answering any questions about our products and even helping you think through how they would work in your recipe, process, or store.