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Parsley: The Rest of the Story

parsley power
Parsley is one of the most common herbs you’ll find. It’s used in many culinary dishes as a garnish and flavoring.

Parsley actually is native to the Mediterranean region of the world. However, it’s grown widely all over the globe.

You can use parsley in the form of parsley powder, loose flakes, and tea. It can also be used fresh in order to create a juice. Parsley is one of the most common additives to today’s food because of its beautiful color and distinctive flavor. 

Parsley is a small, bright green biennial that reaches 12 inches the first year and up to 3 feet the second year, when it flowers. Parsley has a thick carrot like taproot and juicy stems terminating in feathery, deeply divided, curly or flat leaves, depending on the variety. Its tiny yellow-green flowers develop on the umbrella like canopy (umbels) characteristic of the umbelliferae.


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