Burdock Seed Whole, Wild Crafted

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approximate cups to one pound6
originunited states
active compoundsarctigenin
plant part usedseed
sustainabilitywild crafted

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaBrownish-grey and wrinkled in appearance.


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wellnessUse to make tinctures and liquid extracts.

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Burdock seed is thought to enhance the properties of echinacea root in tinctures and extracts.

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Burdock seed and yellow dock root are sometimes tinctured together.

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burdock seed

Tingles on the tongue.

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burdock seed

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burdock seed

Although burdock seed has little culinary significance, it does produce an interesting effect when chewed or taken as a tincture—it promptly causes a tingling sensation on the tongue. Because this is an indication of a fast-acting effect on the nervous system, burdock seed is sometimes used as an “activator” for other botanical components in tonic and tincture formulas.

Historically speaking, burdock seed has a long association with easing the discomforts of inflammatory conditions of the skin and joints. While the 17th century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper contends that "the seed being drunk in wine 40 days together doth wonderfully help the sciatica," modern science tells us that the anti-inflammatory activity of burdock seed is due to a plant lignan called arctigenin. As an extra precaution against rheumatism, gypsies reputedly wear or carry small bags containing burdock seeds.

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