Paprika (Domestic) Powder

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Paprika is made from dried and ground varieties of chili pepper or bell pepper, or a combination thereof.

The spice adds vibrant color and a smoky flavor to foods that can be intensified by heating briefly in oil. While most Americans think of paprika as a garnish, it also provides wonderful seasoning for soups, stews, potatoes and egg and cheese dishes. Paprika can also be added to henna to enhance color.

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approximate cups to one pound5
originunited states
active compoundscapsaicin, carotenoids, vitamins, trace minerals
plant part usedfruit
why buy powdered paprika?Adds flavor as seasoning and vibrant color as garnish.

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container away from direct light, heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaDeep red, releases aroma with moist heat.
how hot is this pepper?600 HU
In the Scoville Heat Unit Scale M means thousands, and the HU is short for Heat Units, which measure the amount of capsaicin the pepper contains.


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cosmeticPaprika is sometimes added to henna to achieve various shades of red.
culinaryPaprika is a standby garnish for deviled eggs and potato salads, but the spice also enhances many other foods.
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Tastes like sweet bell peppers with a hint of lemon.

culinary companions

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powdered paprika

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powdered paprika

While most Americans reach for paprika to garnish deviled eggs, hash browns or potato salads, the spice is used in many world cuisines on a much more frequent basis. The spice is used to lend color and flavor to a variety of soups, stews, rice and bean dishes and braised foods that are traditional to Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Portugal, Romania and, of course, Hungary.

Although paprika works wonders as a garnish and seasoning, its flavor truly comes alive when heated gently in oil.

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