Celery Seed Powder, Organic

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Powdered celery seed is a convenient way to add flavor to foods. The ground seed is commonly used in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines and combines well with rosemary, oregano and other herbs and spices in mixed seasoning blends.

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approx cups to one pound4
active compoundsApigenin, isoquerticin, limonene, pinene, cymene
plant part usedseed

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storage tipsStore in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaBrown powder with a spicy aroma.


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culinaryUse alone or blend with other herbs and spices to season salads, baked goods, meats, fish, vegetables, soups and stews.
safetyBecause large amounts of celery seed may stimulate uterine contractions, use this spice sparingly during pregnancy.

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organic celery seed

Slightly bitter with a spicy finish. Blends well with sea salt, ground mustard, oregano, rosemary, black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and cayenne.

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organic celery seed

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organic celery seed

Celery is a common garden vegetable in the carrot family. While celery is mild in flavor, the plant’s seed has a bit more punch. Alone or combined with other herbs and spices, powdered celery seed brings out the flavor of many kinds of foods. Moderation is key, however, otherwise the spice may overwhelm the dish.

Powdered celery seed also delivers various nutrients. In addition to coumarins and alpha-linolenic-acid, the spice provides vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

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