5 Great Ways to Use Cinnamon Sticks

Nothing warms the spirit like the smell of cinnamon dancing through the air. Whether it comes from a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls or a well-curated bowl of potpourri, the smell and taste of cinnamon can be comforting and relaxing.

Cinnamon has been a highly-sought after commodity for thousands of years. While it is no longer a form of currency or an embalming ingredient, cinnamon still has a wide variety of uses for personal and business use. As cinnamon became popular across the globe, a variety of applications for the beloved spice began to arise.

Stick with us to learn why cinnamon is enjoyed by so many, the potential health benefits it can provide, and learn how to use cinnamon sticks.

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Taste: A Spice for Every Dish and Drink

Cinnamon is most commonly known as an ingredient in baked goods, desserts, beverages, condiments, soups and more. This is for a good reason: cinnamon’s spicy, aromatic and warming effect. It can add a lot of flavor to a dish or beverage, especially when paired with other herbs and spices.

Scent: An Aromatic Experience

Outside of its taste, cinnamon is probably most well-known for its smell. When you step into a home, restaurant or bakery that has freshly baked cinnamon rolls or brewed cider, the cinnamon scent permeates the air and can provide a familiar and relaxing aroma. Many use cinnamon sticks in their potpourri blends with other florals and dried fruits.

What Are the Benefits of Cinnamon for Your Body?

Cinnamon can offer some potential benefits for your body. Cinnamon has a warming effect that can create a variety of positive responses:

  • This spice can help you manage symptoms of indigestion or an upset stomach with its carminative properties. These properties come from the volatile oils in the bark that act as an astringent on the mucus membranes within the digestive system.
  • Cinnamon has hemostatic properties, which means it can help reduce bleeding. It has been used to reduce bleeding from fibroids, uterine cysts, heavy menstrual flow and postpartum bleeding.
  • Cinnamon is a circulatory stimulant. It has been used to support circulation throughout the body including the hands and feet.


Cinnamon Beverages

#1. Cold Beverages

Cinnamon is a common ingredient in various drinks, especially during the fall and winter months. Cinnamon sticks can find their way into a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. While you may traditionally think of warm drinks like ciders and teas, cold beverages like kombucha, hard cider and sodas are a perfect candidate for cinnamon’s flavor. The cinnamon stick can add its spicy and sweet flavor profile to any drink. They can be used to stir drinks or slowly infuse flavor into the drink.

Cinnamon Tea

#2. Tea Blends

Tea blends with cinnamon powder are an easy way to get the medicinal properties of the spice. Not only do you get the great flavor of cinnamon but you get the astringent, warming and carminative benefits of cinnamon tea which can further aid digestion. Cinnamon is a key ingredient in the popular chai tea.

Cinnamon Potpourri

#3. Potpourri

Potpourri is a staple of many households and businesses as a fragrant decoration. Cinnamon sticks are a common ingredient in potpourri mixes; they bring the aforementioned desirable aroma to any blend of herbs, dried fruits or florals. Whether you add cinnamon to a dry or simmered potpourri mix, you are sure to get an excellent scent. If dropped into a small muslin bag, your potpourri mix with cinnamon sticks can make for an excellent car air freshener, taking the lovely scents with you.

Cinnamon Supplements

#4. Supplements

As we discussed earlier, cinnamon can offer digestion and blood circulation support, making it a candidate for a potential supplement blend. Whether you fill your own capsules with high-quality herbs or purchase supplements from a manufacturer, a cinnamon supplement can quickly provide support for your body.

Cinnamon Crafts

#5. Crafts and Home Goods

Finally, cinnamon sticks offer a fragrant twist to many awesome crafts and home goods. From an aromatic wreath for an indoor space to a scented coaster, there are a variety of easy crafts and home goods that can be produced using iconic cinnamon sticks. The best part of using whole cinnamon sticks is that they are hardy and can withstand being used as decoration.


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