Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil 1/4 Oz.

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Jasmine absolute is extracted from the flowers of an evergreen climbing plant in the olive family that is native to China and India. Also known as Royal jasmine, Spanish jasmine and King of Flowers, the exotic scent of this oil is widely used in the fragrance industry and in aromatherapy.

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extraction methodSolvent extraction
about "absolutes"Some plants do not yield their volatile oils to steam, so they are subjected to chemical solvent extraction instead (typically ethyl alcohol). Although an absolute may be more concentrated than an essential oil, it also usually retains a trace amount of solvent. For this reason, an absolute should never be taken internally.
edibleDo not ingest.
safetyNot for internal use. Avoid during pregnancy and while nursing. Always dilute this oil before applying to the skin.
fragrance note classification middle

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storage tipsStore in a cool, dark cabinet.
appearance & aromaOrange-red in color with a sweet, floral aroma with a honey-like finish. The color will darken with age.


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aromatherapyJasmine absolute is used in aromatherapy to promote a sense of vitality, clarity and being grounded. It is particularly associated with the heart chakra.
cosmetics / personal careMix a few drops into facial or body lotion.
massage / bath / spaBlend with carrier oil for use in massage work. May also be added to bath oils.
perfumeryAdd to perfume blends, one drop at a time until satisfied with the scent.
industrialJasmine absolute is widely used in the spa, cosmetic and fragrance industries.

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There are more than 200 species of jasmine, with more than 40 found in India. The herb is also widely cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Southeast Asia for its fragrant oil. Producing a pound of absolute requires nearly 2,000 pounds of flowers, which are hand-picked between dawn and mid-morning when the volatile oil concentration is highest.

Jasmine absolute is used in massage and in aromatherapy. The scent is associated with a calming effect and the restoration of balance.

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