Bulk Tea Bags

All of our bulk tea bags are made with unbleached tea filter paper. Our bulk tea bags are packed in either one pound or quarter pound bags. Each tea bag is approximately 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches with no string and no tag. Each pound of tea bags has approximately 200 tea bags.

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Camellia sinensis
Apricot Fruit Tea
Apricot Fruit TeaTea Bags
from $3.28 
Camellia sinensis
Black Tea, Tea Bags (bulk)
from $4.22 
Camellia sinensis
Blackberry Fruit Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.28 
Matricaria recutita
Chamomile, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $5.01 
Camellia sinensis
Earl Grey Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $4.81 
Camellia sinensis
English Breakfast, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $5.03 
Zingiber officinale
Ginger, Tea Bags (Bulk)
Ginger, Tea Bags (Bulk)Tea Bags
from $3.50 
Camellia sinensis
Green Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $4.20 
Hibiscus Mint Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.94 
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.94 
Cymbopogon citratus
Lemongrass Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
Lemongrass Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)Tea Bags
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from $3.06 
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Camellia sinensis
Mango Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.83 
Camellia sinensis
Oolong Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.50 
Tabebuia impetiginosa
Pau d'arco, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $4.37 
Mentha piperita
Peppermint Leaf, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.72 
Rubus idaeus
Raspberry Leaf, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $5.68 
Aspalathus linearis
Rooibos, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $5.68 
Rosa canina
Rose Hips, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $4.46 
Senna alexandrina
Senna, Tea Bags (Bulk)
Senna, Tea Bags (Bulk)Tea Bags
from $3.28 
Mentha spicata
Spearmint Leaf, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.40 
Camellia sinensis
White Tea, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $4.37 
Ilex paraguariensis
Yerba mate, Tea Bags (Bulk)
from $3.28 

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