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Lycii / Goji Berry Whole

Lycii / Goji Berry Whole

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Also known as Wolf Berry, Chinese Matrimony Vine and Goji, lycii is a member of the nightshade family, which includes tomato, eggplant, potato and tobacco.

In Asia, the bright red berries are used to flavor teas, wines and jelly, or they are used dried in soups, meat and vegetable stews and a rice porridge called conjee. As a tea, the whole berries are often combined with other herbs, such as licorice root and Astragalus root.

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Lycium chinense

Lycii / Goji Berry Whole

Lycii berry, whole

Scientific Name: Lycium Chinense
Origin: China

Common Names: Wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry, Red medlar, Bocksdorn, Cambronera, Duke of argyll’s tea tree, Matrimony vine.

Parts used: Fruit

Nutrients and Active Compounds: Minerals, Trace minerals, Amino acids, Vitamins, polysaccharides, Monosaccharides, Unsaturated fatty acids, Essential fatty acids,Linoleic acid and Alpha-linolenic acid, Phytosterols including beta-sitosterol, Carotenoids including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene and Cryptoxanthin; and Antioxidant phenols, Glycoconjugates.

Background: Wolfberry is one of the English common names given to fruit produced by two very closely related species: Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. Quite notably, these two species also share a common plant name in Pinyin (the most common variant of standard Mandarin Chinese) and that word is gouqi, the name by which the berry is commonly marketed in the United States.

Both are species of boxthorn, in the family Solanaceae, possibly originating in southeastern Europe to southwest Asia, wolfberry species are now grown all around the world.

Considered in Asia to be one of the most nutrient-rich foods. The berry is very nutrient rich with antioxidant properties essential fatty acids are generally rare in fruits. They have recently been exalted in international commerce to the category of a superfood.

Description: Wolfberry species are deciduous woody perennial plants growing to between 3 feet and 9 feet in height. L. chinense, grown in the south of China, can be shorter, while L. barbarum, grown in the north of China is generally taller.

The flower is five-petaled, fragrant, producing the edible fruit (berry) that is bright orange-red, ellipsoid shape, less than 1 inch in length. The number of seeds in each berry varies widely based on cultivar and fruit size, containing anywhere between 10-60 tiny yellow seeds that are compressed with a curved embryo. The berries ripen from August to October in the Northern hemisphere.

Can be grown as a hedge, can withstand maritime exposure. Its extensive root system lend to its use in stabilizing sandy, banked soil.

Other Uses: May be soaked overnight and blended with additional water to avail a juice. As a food, dried wolfberries are traditionally cooked with or before being added to rice and multi-ingredient dishes.

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for educational purposes only

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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