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Osha Root Wild Crafted Whole

Osha Root Wild Crafted Whole

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Osha is a perennial herb that inhabits the mountainous regions of southwestern North America and Mexico, with a particularly wide distribution in the Rocky Mountains. The plant is known by a variety of common names, including Wild Lovage, Indian Parsley, Mountain Carrot and (our favorite) Empress of the Dark Forest. As some of these names suggest, Osha is a member of the carrot and parsley family.

The root has a long history of use by the Zuni tribe of North America, who chew the raw root and use it to produce infusions. Osha root is also used to make teas, tinctures and extracts.

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Ligusticum porteri

Osha Root Wild Crafted Whole

Osha root, whole, wild crafted

Scientific Name: Ligusticum Porteri
Origin: United States

Common Names: Osha root, Loveroot, Lovage, Porter's lovage, Porter's ligusticum, Osha, Chuchupate, Chuchupatle, Wild parsley, Colorado cough root, Mountain ginseng, Mountain carrot, Nipo, Indian root, Wild lovage, Empress of the dark forest, Bear medicine. Loveroot, Colorado cough root.

Part used: Root

Active Compounds: Volatile oils, Essential oil, Terpenes, Lactone glycoside, Saponins, Ferulic acid, Phytosterols.

Background: This American native herb is found in upland meadows and ravines, and thrives in many, many areas with an affinity for the southern Rocky Mountains. It was both a sacred and indispensable herb to many tribes of Native Americans including the Zuni, Aztec, Chiricahua, Yaqui, Tarahumara, and Mescalero Apache tribes. The seed and leaf were eaten.

Some burned it as a purifying incense for protection from evil spirits and dangerous pathogens. Osha has been fervently used for centuries, in ways similar to Echinacea.

Native American runners chewed roots for increased endurance.

Attached to moccasins or tied about the ankle it was used to protect the wearer from rattlesnakes.

Flathead tribe members ritually washed freshly harvested roots in streams near plant growth locations to precipitate rainfall in times of drought. Fresh or dried root brings a tingling sensation to tongue and gums.

Description: Ligusticum porteri has a long, thin, hollow stalk with large divided leaves similar to the related parsley and carrot. Stem, leaf can reach to 2 ft in height. Seeds and flowers top the plant spreading outward in an arrangement resembling an umbrella. Flowers are white. Plant and seeds have a celery-like fragrance. Root is haired, brown outside, yellow inside. This native American perennial herb thrives in dry, upland meadows and ravines. Its fern shape leaves are spotted in various shades of green, turning golden yellow. For medicinal uses the tap root is harvested at maturity.

Safety: There is no known negative safety information available.

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for educational purposes only

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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