Sea Salt Large Granules

Sea Salt Large Granules

[ 1861 ]
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Large granule sea salt is used as any other salt, either during cooking or to add a finishing touch to freshly cooked foods. This salt is also ideal for cosmetic use. Combined with baking soda to soften water and skin, plus one or more essential oils for fragrance, this variety of sea salt makes an excellent bath salt. You can use this salt for homemade body scrubs as well.

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approximate cups to one pound2
originunited states
processinglarge granules

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaGranular with a fresh scent.


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cosmeticIncorporate into body scrubs.
decorativeUse to fill glassware to suspend and display sea shells and other items.
culinaryUse to season foods while cooking. May also be used as a finishing salt.
householdCombine with vinegar and baking soda to make a natural scrubbing cleanser.

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flavor profile

large granule
sea salt

Tastes salty! Partners with most herbs, most notably black pepper.

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large granule
sea salt
Herbal Spa
DIY Rose, Sweet Orange and Geranium Bath Salts

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large granule
sea salt

Sea salt is obtained by evaporation of sea water, a process usually powered by the sun. Because sea salt is less processed than table salt, it retains trace minerals that might otherwise be lost during the refining process.

Large granule sea salt is great for all-purpose seasoning while cooking foods or as a finishing salt. This is the salt you want to make authentic New York City-style soft pretzels.

Coarse sea salt is also ideal for cosmetic use. Blend it with your favorite oils, herbs and flowers to make body scrubs and bath salts.

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