Cap-M-Quick Capsule Filler for '0' size capsules

Cap-M-Quick Capsule Filler for '0' size capsules

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This great invention facilitates the filling of ‘0’ size capsules to 50 capsules at a time.
  • molded plastic / dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • light, compact, easy to store or travel with
  • virtually indestructible with everyday use
  • no metal parts - no rust
  • This brand has a manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee
  • The additional Tamper* packs all 50 capsules at the same time.

Fill 50 capsules in 7 minutes, approx., 400-500 capsules/hr.

These directions are on the back of each Cap-M-Quik® box.

1.) Assemble

Place Cap-M-Quik® capsule holder onto a large piece of paper.
Place spacers on end post facing the center.
Set the holder on the four corner posts resting on spacers above base.

2.) Load

Manually separate empty caps placing the longer half into holes.
(Top of empty capsule half should be below surface of holder.)

3.) Fill

Pour powdered herbs or vitamins onto holder spreading substance evenly with card, completely filling all capsules.

4.) Tamp

The accessory Tamping Tool (Tamper) can be used at this point to simultaneously pack contents of caps. Remove excess substance carefully by scraping away from the holder and onto the paper. Use the tamper to pack the contents of the capsule filling them completely. Refill capsules and repeat process.

5.) Cap

Turn the end spacers 90 degrees. The holder will fall down, exposing the upper half of filled caps. Manually replace the top cap, and remove your now-filled and finished capsules!

Video Transcript

Monterey Bay Spice Company is the leading supplier for bulk herbs, spices and teas. Need to quickly fill 1000 milligram 2-piece gelatin capsules? The Cap-M-Quik "00" fills 50 capsules at a time with the powdered vitamins or herbs of your choice. This molded plastic capsule filling device has a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee.

To begin, remove all the Cap-M-Quik items from the box, including the capsule holder, spacers and plastic card. Place the capsule holder onto a large piece of paper. Next, place the spacers on the end posts facing the center. Then, set the holder on the four corner posts, resting on the spacers above the base. Manually separate the empty gelatin caps, placing the longer half into the holes ensuring the tops of the empty capsule halves are below the surface of the holder.

You are now ready to fill the capsules. Pour powdered herbs or vitamins onto the holder, spreading the substance evenly with the card completely filling all capsules. An accessory tamping tool or tamper is available to help with packing of the capsules.

You are now ready to seal the capsules. Turn the end spacers 90 degrees. The holder will fall down, exposing the upper half of filled capsules. Manually replace the top cap and remove your now filled and finished capsules.

We highly recommend you store your capsules in a dark glass jar. The Cap-M-Quik is dishwasher safe, virtually indestructible with everyday use, has no metal parts or rust, and is also available for single "0" or 500 mg capsules.

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