Style Guide: Utilities

.lightborder all following utilities are .lightborder
.iblock displays inline block
.relative displays relative

.bumpup moves elements up 10px (with -margin)
.bumpdown moves elements down 5px (with -margin)

.lowercase or .lower makes things lowercase
.uppercase or .upper MAKES THINGS UPPERCASE

.gfontnarrow makes things narrow (ArchivoNarrow)
.gfontcursive makes things cursive (Nothing You Could Do)

.veryLargeGreen to make things very large and green
.largeGreen to make things large and green
.smallGreen to make things small and green
.smallem to emphesise with small text

.darkgreen makes things dark green
.lightgreen makes things light green

.shortLines to tighten leading on
multiple lines
.normalpx for normal font size
.px14 for slightly smaller font size

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