Cast Iron Tea Pot 20Oz Lime Green with Matching Trivet

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Inspired by the prized color of ancient oriental celadon pottery, this bold, traditional teapot adds style and color to any table. The sturdy lime green cast iron design helps keep tea at an ideal sipping temperature.

Like our other cast iron teapots, this includes its own matching trivet.

Cast iron tea pots were created in ancient China. They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese into practical as well as decorative handicraft items. They symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world.

Through special treatments, impurities are removed from the cast iron during the production process. A coating of gloss black enamel is then applied to help prevent the formation of rust.

Due to their strength of construction, these pots may be used as tea kettles (to boil water) or as tea pots (to brew tea). All of our cast iron tea pots come with a stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing loose tea. If using the pot to boil water this infuser should be removed before doing so.

We wish you many tranquil moments, enjoying your tea and contemplating the meaning of life.

Size: 6.5" X 2.25"

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