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cobalt blue boston rounds
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Cobalt Blue Bottle


a bit about our cobalt blue glass bottles

These are the traditional Boston round bottles, also known as Winchester bottles. They are intended for general use, but because they are particularly thick and sturdy they have been used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries since the 1920s. To obtain the blue color, which protects the contents from UV radiation, cobalt oxide is added during the manufacturing process.

Each 1 or 2 -ounce bottle has the same Black Ribbed PolyCone Lined Phenolic Cap that comes with our amber narrow-mouth glass bottles. These caps are designed to make an exceptionally tight seal. The cap's oil-resistant plastic PolyCone liner provides a superior barrier.

Add a dropper or spray mister and your bottles can go from perfect way to store to the perfect way to dispense your favorite essential oils, fragrance oils and herbal tinctures.

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