Earl Grey

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All Q Leaf Teas are Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade Q Leaf Earl Grey is popular served early in the day, is just as refreshing as an afternoon tea. America's ‘favorite’ black tea, Earl Grey is infused with bergamot flavor extracted from the peel of citrus aurantium. Creation of the blend is credited to Earl Charles Grey. While he was England’s Prime Minister (1830-1834), slavery was abolished within the Britain.
Q Leaf Earl Grey is Certified Organically Grown and Fair Trade Certified, meeting the highest standards of quality and social responsibility. Venture Tea Estate in the Uva district utilizes bio-dynamic farming practices and is one of Sri Lanka’s piooneering tea estates. Amazing as it is, the single plant species Camilla sinensis provides its leaves for all the teas in the world. To produce more than 3,000 tea varieties­- the green teas, white teas, black teas, Darjeelings, Orange pekoes, Oolongs, and more, from the carefully dried leaves of Camilla sinensis depends mainly upon 3 important factors: the region of cultivation; the maturity (stage of development) of the leaves at the time of the harvest; and the oxidation of the leaves (intentional exposure of the leaves to the effects of ambient air) prior to drying. Tea is Tasty, Tea is a Healthful. Camellia sinensis contains powerful antioxidant catechins which are in all teas (but not in coffee.) The large amounts of catechins and other antioxidants in tea kill germs and bacteria, providing anti-aging effects. The antioxidant polyphenols in tea assist in the digestion of fatty foods by increasing the flow of digestive juices. Polyphenols also increase the production of white blood cells, providing the body with a boost to the immune system. Antioxidants protect the skin from the ‘dark side’ of too much sun: skin damage and skin cancer.Flavinoids in tea lower LDL cholesterol levels. One study revealed reductions in esophageal and stomach cancer among tea drinkers.Tea contains natural fluoride, providing some protection against tooth decay; It is strengthening to bones and may help prevent osteoporosis. Teas’ natural caffeine is known to sharpen concentration. A cup of tea may contains 40-50 mg of caffeine- generally half that of coffee. Tea is very, very low in calories and a great thirst quencher!

Venture Tea Estate - Sri Lanka