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Cinnamon (Vietnam) Powder

Cinnamon (Vietnam) Powder

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Cinnamomum verum, also known as Ceylon cinnamon and Sri Lanka cinnamon, is referred to as the "true" cinnamon. This is because the species from which this bark is obtained is native to regions where centuries of foreign invasions and wars were fought to gain control of the trade of this spice.

This ground cinnamon comes from Vietnam, where cultivating and harvesting the spice is an ancient and highly-skilled art.

kosher certificate information
Cinnamomum verum

Cinnamon (Vietnam) Powder

Cinnamon (Vietnam), powder

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information at a glance
approximate cups to one pound5
oil content4.5%
plant part usedbark

buying & keeping

general guidelines and tips
storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark cabinet or pantry.
appearance & aromaFragrant fine powder.


try something new
cosmeticBlend with arrowroot to make a natural powder foundation.
culinaryUse to season baked goods, fruits, teas and other beverages.
aromaticUse to make infused oils for perfumery and massage.
industrialCinnamon is widely used in the food, cosmetic, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
safetyMay increase the effects of medications that lower blood sugar if consumed in large doses.
[ Cinnamon Powder from Vietnam ] ~ from Montery Bay Spice Company

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flavor profile

powdered, vietnamese

Sweet and pungent. Pairs well with other warm spices like nutmeg and ginger.

formulas & recipes

powdered, vietnamese

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[ Cinnamon Powder from Vietnam ] ~ from Montery Bay Spice Company

what else you should know

powdered, vietnamese

Although “cinnamon” can refer to several species of trees in the laurel family, Cinnamomum verum is known as "true" cinnamon. It is also called Sri Lanka cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon because the island produces the majority of the world’s supply of this spice.

In the west, powdered cinnamon is most commonly used as a baking spice in quick breads, muffins, donuts and cakes. It is also sprinkled over fresh fruit, yogurt, hot cereals, puddings and applesauce. In Middle Eastern cuisine, cinnamon is used to flavor roasted or grilled lamb and poultry, as well as vegetables, rice, stews and soups. The spice is also commonly added to tea and coffee blends.

While most people are familiar with this kitchen spice, the cinnamon purchased in western supermarkets is actually cassia and not true cinnamon, which is why this species is sometimes called "False Cinnamon". In fact, some confirmed purists go as far as calling cassia "Bastard Cinnamon." In contrast, true cinnamon (C. vernum) is native to Sri Lanka and cultivated in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Egypt and India, while the cassia cinnamon available in the U.S. is obtained from Indonesia.

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